Professional recruitment is the selection of middle and top level experts and specialists in any direction in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the employer. Our task is to know or find unique specialists who will ideally fit into your business. We regularly introduce the best candidates to market leaders and help our clients become even more expert in their industry. We will help you in your search from Personal Assistant to CEO, and at the same time share up-to-date information about the state of the candidate market.
Main advantages
  • We act according to a developed and proven search strategy, which allows us to accurately fulfill the order of our customers.
  • Our team uses professional chats in Telegram, search for recommendations, social networks (Linkedin, FB), blogs, works with the existing database and is constantly in the environment of market experts.
  • Our processes are transparent and understandable - thanks to convenient analytics and a developed system for working with clients.
  • We have a large team of professional recruiters with strong expertise in various industries - a consultant who knows your niche inside and out will work with you.
Who we search
Administrative staff
Construction and real estate
Manufacturing and engineering
Top management
Marketing, PR
Life Sciences
Procurement and supply chain management
Finance and Accounting
Banks, investments, leasing, insurance
Head of partnership
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