1 contract - 1 invoice - 1 contact person

The Purchasing Aggregator is our one-stop shopping system designed to streamline your time and money. In other words, we allow the company to focus on its key activities - you give all the headaches associated with procurement to us, and you yourself get invaluable time that can be spent on business development. We will offer the most profitable solution, remove all corporate restrictions and implement the project in the most optimal way.
How we are working
  1. Supplier search - we are looking for a contractor; we work only with reliable suppliers around the world (7600+ verified suppliers).
  2. Coordination - together with lawyers, we thoroughly double-check and conclude an agreement with the supplier.
  3. Payment – we pay bills within 30 minutes.
  4. Control - we accompany the order from approval to the receipt of the service.
  5. Reporting - we provide all closing and reporting documents so that the accounting department does not have problems with inspections by supervisory authorities. 1 invoice, 1 set of closing documents, 1 agent's report.
  6. Responsibility - absolutely all emerging problems fall on us; we are fully responsible for the entire cycle of work.
Why Us / Key Benefits
  • One contact person for the client in all areas of the life of the project.
  • Performing a full list of services under the agency agreement.
  • Professional project management.
  • All purchases for the month: 1 invoice = 1 set of closing documents = 1 agent report: you do not need to "knock out" closing documents.
  • We reduce the implementation time of a large-scale project by attracting suppliers with whom we have built long-term relationships.
  • We approve the SLA and are responsible for meeting the deadlines. We guarantee 100% fulfillment of the set targets.
  • We hold tenders and help to make the best decision.
  • Transparent reporting: all statistics on the purchase requisition in one information resource.
Purchase Discounts
up to 50%
  • Suppliers
    We guide clients through already concluded contracts with verified counterparties
  • Pricing
    Due to volumes, suppliers give us maximum discounts
  • Service
    The attention of suppliers to your orders will be at the level of VIP clients
  • Terms
    You get favorable conditions for most goods and services
Combine purchases
in one contract
  • Treaty
    You do not need to sign contracts with each supplier for each service
  • Personal manager
    One call to your personal manager will solve all organizational issues with suppliers
  • Accounting
    1 Invoice = 1 Set of Closing Documents = 1 Agent Report: You do not need to “knock out” closing Documents
  • Transparency
    We will provide you with permanent access to documents, statistics and reports through a cloud service
Use the goods
and services immediately
  • 6500+ suppliers
    In most cases, we already have a trusted supplier, and you do not have to spend time searching for and building relationships with him.
  • Treaty
    We will conclude an agreement with the necessary suppliers in 30 minutes
  • Coordination
    You do not have to wait for the agreement with lawyers and the payment day to receive the service
  • Payment
    We will immediately make payment for goods and services. We will immediately send a payment order to the Counterparty
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