Up to 50% discount on general purchasing
Don’t waste your time on purchase management
Use goods and
services immediately,
do not wait for contract alignment

Where to find a trusted supplier?

500+ trusted vendors across RussiaOnly verified suppliers

Long and complex tender process?

Contract with new vendor and payment in just 30 min
Closing documents

Accounting department requests closing documents?

Full support on all stages of the process

Contract must go through many stages of alignment and must be approved by all departments?

1 invoice
1 set of closing documents
1 agent report
Assistance Group
Suppliers and providers of all services required
Own production
  • Trusted vendors
  • Built relationships
  • Prompt solution to any issue
  • Our company is a key customer to our suppliers
Assistance ServiceYour business supplier agent
Up to 50% discount
  • Suppliers We conduct orders through already signed contracts with partners
  • Pricing Suppliers provide us with maximum discount due to turnover
  • Terms and conditions You get special conditions on goods and services
  • Service You will get VIP attention to your orders from suppliers
Combine all your purchases in one contract
  • 1 contract You do not need to sign contracts with each provider for each service
  • Accounting 1 invoice = 1 set of closing documents = 1 agent report. We’ll cover all reporting issues
  • Perosnal manager One call to your personal manager will solve all organizational issues with suppliers
  • Transparency We will grant permanent access to documents, statistics and reports through the cloud service
Use goods and services immediately
  • 500+ vendors In most cases we already have trusted vendor so you wont’t waste your time on searching and building relationships with the suppliers
  • Contract New vendor will be signed in just 30 minutes
  • Alignment Don’t wait for confirmation of legal department and the payment day
  • Payment Immediate payment for goods and services and payment order sent to the supplier
Assistance Group ServicesStay focused on your core business, we’ll cover all the rest
Search and selection of personnel of any level. First CV within 48 hours
Overall maintenance of accounting
HR Administration
Managing processes of the HR workflow of your company
Payroll Outsourcing
Calculation of wages, additional payments, taxes and contributions. Maintaining confidentiality
Business Process
Outsourcing of company’s managing functions related to finance, personnel, marketing, legal support, and IT
Tailor-made approach to your business needs
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