Accounting outsourcing is a service in which accounting and reporting in an enterprise is transferred to execution outside the company.
Main advantages
  • We optimize processes - we will do everything to avoid errors in calculations and work rush work.
  • We will reduce taxes - we use only legal methods that definitely work.
  • Eliminate fines - we are responsible for the fact that you will not have fines and penalties in the tax authorities.
  • We will submit reports promptly. Every operation is right on time. We will exclude the blocking of accounts and unnecessary attention from the tax authorities.
  • We will resolve controversial issues - we will help prepare a clarifying declaration and give explanations if the tax authorities have questions.
Main directions
  • Accounting outsourcing.
  • Restoration of lost / damaged accounting.
  • Performing the functions of the chief accountant.
  • Setting up accounting.
  • Managing separate departments of accounting.
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